Our History

About Us

‘A Figlia d’ ‘o Marenaro, the maritime restaurant open for over 60 years in Naples. In a short time it became famous for the special mussel soup, dish prepared according to the most ancient Neapolitan tradition that wanted the main ingredient of the freshness of the Neapolitan mussels. Over time, ‘A Figlia d’ ‘o Marenaro with dedication and passion becomes a point of reference for the best Neapolitan cuisine. Today 'A Figlia d' 'o Marenaro is a restaurant renowned throughout the Campania for the attention that it dedicates to the choice of raw materials, the commitment that puts in the preparation of every dish and the care of every detail. The guests of the restaurant are followed and advised in the choice of dishes by attentive dining room staff. 'A Figlia d' 'o Marenaro wants to offer its customers a place where they can feel at ease, thus providing a varied and creative cuisine.

The Restaurant & The Pizzeria

Mussel soup, pizza, fish and meat are all products and dishes prepared with ingredients of first choice and attention to details that have distinguished 'in 'A Figlia d' 'o Marenaro for over 20 years. The flavors and recipes recall the ancient tastes that characterized the tables of the Neapolitans. There are numerous dishes based on meat and fish cooked according to ancient and delicious Neapolitan recipes famous all over the world. Do not miss appetizers, fine wines and desserts that accompany and complete the specialties offered by the restaurant: 'A Figlia d' 'o Marenaro. One of the symbols of Neapolitan cuisine is undoubtedly pizza. The soft golden bread is prepared with: flour, water, salt, and natural yeast and stuffed with a heart rich in taste. The pizza of 'A Figlia d' 'o Marenaro is a dish full of tradition, passion and faithful to the identity of true Neapolitan pizza, made of simple and natural ingredients.

The Mussels

The "zuppa 'e cozzeche" is a typical dish of the Neapolitan tradition and is one of the most used recipes for the preparation of these seafood. The mussel soup has very ancient origins that touches every Italian region, but despite the many ways in which the "Neapolitan" recipe has been adapted and modified, it is still the favorite of many. The ingredients that make up "a zuppa 'e cozzeche" are few and simple. But we can't unveil the secrets of our famous dish. A journey of flavors guided by the fantasy of years of tradition that have been transformed into a dish to be savored. Simple and natural ingredients.